In the field of the Acoustic Wallcoverings we have a long experience, as the first collection dates back to the years 60s. In this catalog we assembled our best past collections, which, together with a more innovative design, compose the ENVIRONMENTS® COLLECTION:


vers. CLASSIC, n. 17 designs, 109 colors.

vers. GRAPHIC, n. 15 designs, 88 colors. 

vers. BATIK, n. 13 designs, 64 colors. 



vers. P, n. 60 embossed colors.

vers. L, n. 60 plain colors.

vers. D, n. 60 decorated colors.

vers. 5, n. 60 ribbed colors.

vers. 7, n. 60 ribbed colors.

vers. 11, n. 60 honeycomb colors.